Employer Services

Assessment / Referral / Follow Up

Confidential face to face assessment of the presenting problem by our experienced, masters level, licensed clinical staff. Employee Assistance Network maintains staff offices in Asheville, Franklin, Hendersonville, Hickory, Lenoir, Morganton, Sylva, and Waynesville, N.C., with affiliate offices throughout North Carolina and the Southeast.

Employees and family members living outside Western North Carolina will be given the opportunity to receive services through contract affiliate staff at a location as near as possible to their residence. Every effort will be made to respond to covered individuals in the same manner of quality service delivery as would be expected in our local staff office. Emergencies will be responded to immediately. Management initiated referrals can be scheduled within one working day of the request. Office hours are 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Appointments may be made through our central scheduling system by use of either our local or toll-free number. Employees or family members will be scheduled to be seen within three working days of their request.

During the initial session the employee or family member works with our counselor to clearly identify the problem and establish a plan for further assistance. Often, personal problems can be resolved with the help and guidance of our counselors at Employee Assistance Network without requiring outside referral. Personal problems that may require extended care or treatment by a specialist (i.e.: major depression, panic disorders, addiction) will be referred to the most appropriate cost effective resource. 

Employee Assistance Network maintains a provider panel of over 200 individuals, practices, agencies and support groups. Routine follow-up is provided for all referrals to ensure that the employee or family member receives the maximum benefit from the assistance provided.

Problem Resolution Counseling

Often day to day problems can be resolved in a brief number of sessions. During the initial visit our counselor helps identify the problem and the proper level of care. Requests for assistance that can be adequately resolved in five (5) sessions or less will be handled by EAN staff. In some instances the number of sessions may exceed five (5) as determined by the clinical judgment of the counselor.

Twenty-Four (24) Hour Emergency Service

Employees, family members, and/or management can access Employee Assistance Network through our professionally staffed twenty-four (24) hour emergency service.

Management Consultation

Consultation is provided to all levels of management concerning corrective action to help resolve problems such as poor productivity, absenteeism, policy violations, fitness for duty, or departmental discord. Counselors are available for brief telephone consultations or on a face-to-face basis for more in-depth discussion. The amount of consultation is unlimited.

Development of Organizational Policy & Procedure Statements

Assistance is provided in the development of an Employee Assistance Program policy and procedure statement that is compatible with your existing organizational style and human resources guidelines, (i.e.: automatic EAP referral may be tied to an organization’s absenteeism or drug testing policy). Assistance is also available in the development of sexual harassment, violence prevention, and Drug Free Work Place policies as it relates to the EAP.

Communication / Awareness Plan & Materials

A specific plan is designed for each organization to inform and continually promote the EAP to all employees and family members regarding issues of confidentiality, accessibility, eligibility, and access to benefits. Brochures are available for distribution to employees and family members which describe the EAP. Posters are available for break areas which remind the employee of the program, office locations and telephone numbers. A display describing our services is available for health fairs.

Management / Supervisor Training

Training modules teach managers and supervisors the concept of the Employee Assistance Program as a management tool to aid in the resolution of productivity issues. The focus is on documentation, identification, early intervention, and resolution of job performance problems. Handouts and audiovisuals are incorporated into the sessions. Training modules may be modified as necessary to meet the individual needs of managers and organizations. A minimum of three (3) hours training will be offered. However, the amount of training required to establish a viable employee assistance program will be unlimited.

Employee Orientation Program

On site orientation programs are designed to inform employees of the services and benefits available through the Employee Assistance Program. Ongoing orientation may be scheduled at intervals for new employees.

Employee Education Programs

Educational programs are provided to promote awareness and solutions to common workplace issues such as stress management, conflict resolution, coping with change and transition, effective communication, parenting issues, violence prevention, and dealing with substance abuse. These programs may be integrated with an organizational wellness or risk management program. Up to four (4) programs may be scheduled per year. Please see the enclosed workshop list.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing / Post-Trauma Response

A counselor or team of counselors aid individuals, departments, and organizations in responding to workplace traumas such as threats of violence, serious injury, death, robbery, etc. that may seriously disrupt day-to-day functioning. Employee Assistance Network counselors have extensive training and experience in responding to workplace traumas.

Program Evaluation & Utilization Reports

Detailed statistical demographic reports reflect the overall impact of the Employee Assistance Program on the organization. Employee Assistance Network’s account managers analyze reports and make recommendations to enhance the utilization and impact of the EAP. Reports are provided on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Please see the enclosed example.

Quality Assurance Program

Employee Assistance Network requires all clinical staff and affiliates to have a minimum of a Masters degree in a human services field and appropriate licensure by the state in which they work. We currently employee eight (8) Certified Clinical Social Workers, two (2) Licensed Professional Counselors, one Doctorate level counselor, and three (3) Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals. Each counselor receives clinical supervision on a regular basis with oversight provided by Employee Assistance Network’s Medical Director, a Board Certified Psychiatrist. There is also an ongoing internal case review process to ensure that each individual receives the most beneficial care possible. Each client company is assigned an identified account manager to serve as the conduit for communication, ensure quality service delivery, and resolve any problems which might occur.

Indemnification & Professional Liability Insurance

Employee Assistance Network staff are fully covered under general and professional liability insurance in the amount of three (3) million per incident/three (3) million aggregate. Affiliate staff and members of our provider panel must maintain one (1) million incident/ three (3) million aggregate.