About EAN

EAN has more than 30 years of experience helping employers and employees manage the human stressors that impact the workplace and cause disruption to work environments. Our goal is to be partners in productivity by helping employees and management maintain healthy, thriving, and productive workplaces.  

A legacy of promoting workplace harmony

For more than 30 years, EAN has been a provider of employee assistance programs, workplace-related consultation, training, and education programs.

EAN provides personalized, affordable services to employer groups of all sizes. Our team of licensed counselors and consultants are committed to providing services of the highest quality to both individuals and organizations.

Employee Assistance Network helps managers and supervisors effectively address employee productivity and job-performance issues. It is an effective resource for behavioral health issues and reduces company exposure to litigation. By reducing long-term health costs and improving productivity, Employee Assistance Network will help safeguard your company’s bottom line.

How EAN Serves Your Company

  • Support for Human Resources in dealing with employee problems
  • Effective resource for employee behavioral health problems
  • Leadership Skill Building-based training
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased productivity and work performance
  • Lower turnover and training costs
  • Reduced utilization of health benefits and workers' compensation claims
  • Services to companies with multiple locations throughout the southeastern United States

How EAN Serves Your Employees

  • Free and useful services for employees
  • Convenient and confidential
  • Reliable resource for information
  • Assistance in problem identification and resolution
  • Links to both private and community-based services
  • Provides wellness seminars and education workshops

To talk with an EAN Account Manager about how our services can help your organization email us or call 800.454.1477