Resources for First Responders

At EAN we know and understand the challenges that First Responders and their family members face every day.

Counseling and guidance to support First Responders

Long, grueling, sometimes traumatic, sometimes boring shifts can take a toll on family life and relationships. EAN is a safe place for First Responders and their family members to get the support and help they need to get back on track.  

With over 30 years of experience working directly with First Responders, EAN is able to provide the support and assistance that First Responders and their families value and appreciate.

EAN also partners with other trusted mental health and support services for First Responders. We recognize that their unique needs call for a variety of approaches that may require referrals and partnerships to get the First Responder and their family the most comprehensive and effective help available.

At EAN we also know that "First Responders" are more than just EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement agencies and personnel. First Responders also include Dispatchers, Emergency Department personnel, and Social Services Front line employees. We see all First Responders and understand your unique needs.  

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Firefighters feeling stressed?

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Make sure your workforce has the mental health support it needs to handle the toughest jobs.

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