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Invest in counseling that improves employee well-being and productivity

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You didn't sign up to be a company therapist

Confronting workplace drama, brewing crises, and employees' personal crises every day can leave you feeling drained. You'd rather not serve as a counselor for your employees, but you do it anyway, because you care about their well-being and need them to stay focused on work.

We believe that it shouldn’t be your job to manage crises and serve as a counselor for your employees.

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Stressed out at work

Help your employees reach their potential with EAN

Reduce workplace chaos

Employees who are able to understand and control their emotions help promote a harmonious, productive workplace.

Reduce terminations and re-training

An EAP provides an employee an opportunity to regroup and keep their position.

Reduce turnover

Nurturing, drama-free organizations have an easier time growing and retaining top talent.

Employees know you care

When you invest in employees' mental health, you give them a gift they can use beyond the workplace.

Grow your reputation

You attract great applicants when you're known in your community as an amazing place to work.

Leaf blowing and clean up once the tree has been removed

We know that there's no way to fully separate work and life.

Our counselor-led employee assistance program has been helping employers maintain peace and prosperity for over 30 years. By taking the time to get to know our clients’ companies and their staff, we’re able to help organizations of all sizes thrive.

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Three steps toward workplace harmony:

Words of Support

"When Covid-19 stopped all in-person meetings and made any type of one-on-one counseling difficult, EAN developed a series of webinars targeting specific issues related to Covid-19 and the emotional toll it has taken on healthcare workers. They are always ready and willing to work with our teammates in any way possible and our staff knows that their EAN benefit is one of the most useful ones they have."

Robin Spatafora, Manager of Support Services

St. Luke’s Hospital, Columbus NC