Diversity and Inclusion

At EAN, we are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity, helping our clients build more just working environments.

Welcoming to All

Here at EAN we recognize the importance and integrative nature of diversity, inclusion, and equity in our field of work. EAN is committed to providing socially aware and culturally competent services to all our clients and client companies. EAN’s staff have a dedication to becoming culturally competent and inclusive while actively practicing humility.  

We are constantly striving to make sure our staff has a strong knowledge and understanding of issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity through trainings such as Racial Equity Institute and Building Bridges. We are committed to continually looking for educational opportunities to expand our knowledge of how to actively address systems of oppression, as well as best practices within our field for how to be more equitable.

At EAN, we strive to provide quality service/care and to be inclusive to all races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, social economic statuses, ages, abilities, and people. We are here for you, your employees, and all your families. EAN is here to help you navigate all the challenges that injustice causes.

EAN offers a series of workshops to help managers and employees understand the value and importance of having an inclusive workplace. See more information on our workshops here.