What Is an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program improves productivity, often by helping employees manage personal challenges at home and at work.

Employee Assistance Programs

People often think of an EAP as the place that they can get free counseling through their employer benefit package. This is true, but at EAN, it’s also so much more.

At EAN, we provide comprehensive, personalized services that fit your organization and employees. We are able to build a service package that fits your needs to include:

  • Worksite and remote training for managers and employees
  • Response to workplace critical incidents to support employees
  • Consultation on behavioral health issues in the workplace
  • Work Life Balance educational information including our enhanced website
  • Leadership development programs such as the EAN Leadership Academy and training session designed to assist managers with improving their performance
  • Risk management support
  • Utilization reporting on the impact of the EAP
  • Personalized account management

Find out how an EAP can improve productivity and employee well-being in your organization.

Schedule a call and one of our licensed counselors will help you determine if an EAP is a good fit for your organization.

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