Resources for Managers

Managing people is challenging. EAN is here to help make your job easier with resources and direct access to a counselor who help provide guidance.

My Life Expert keeps you connected

My Life Expert portal gives members access to thousands of up-to-date, topic-related articles, videos, podcasts, calculators, interactive checklists, webinars, and more related to managing people and developing your leadership style. My Life Expert also offers an HR portal to help you keep in contact with employees about their employer benefits.

EAN’s monthly newsletter for managers offers practical, real-life help in an easy-to-read format. Scan the selected topics each month and read the questions and answers that apply directly to your work environment.

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How you respond to employees after a traumatic event matters. EAN can help guide you through your leadership response so that a critical incident does not stop you and your employees from achieving your goals and moving forward.

EAN has training sessions specifically for managers to help you expand and develop your leadership style.

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EAN offers the Leadership Academy that includes a yearlong opportunity for you to "sharpen your leadership tools." Through online and webinar training, you'll receive practical and real-life information that you can start implementing immediately in your workplace.

EAN is always available; we understand that crises occur even in the middle of the night and on weekends. So even when our office is closed, you can contact us by phone and listen for the prompts on how to reach our emergency on-call counselor who can help assist you with a plan to manage any employee behavioral health issue affecting the workplace.

Supplemental Materials

EAN provides materials to help promote our services to employees and managers. To have hard copies of these items sent to your workplace, call us at 828-252-5725 or email us.

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Learn how EAN can assist you as a manager to grow your leadership skills and create a vibrant, thriving work environment for your organization.

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Learn how to make a referral

Self-referrals and Management Referrals are explained with details on how to help employees access their EAP benefit and improve their performance and well being

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