Services for Employers

EAN supports employers through a multitude of services, including performance management, counseling, critical incident management, and training.

Counseling that helps employers develop thriving workplace cultures.

In today’s workplace, it can sometimes seem as though there are landmines of employee issues, conflicts, and concerns just waiting to explode. EAN has more than 30 years of experience helping employers manage the human issues that occur in all workforces so that together we can help you create a thriving, productive, healthy work environment.

Here are some of the services that EAN can provide to your organization to help manage those landmines and keep your workforce happy, productive, and thriving:

EAN provides a dedicated account manager to your organization who will understand your workplace culture and challenges, and who will be available to you for consultation on employee challenges and concerns.

Your Account Manager will also provide:

  • Quarterly or Semi-Annual reporting on how EAN is helping
  • Resources and Problem Solving around your workforce issues and concerns
  • Consultation on policy development and procedures that support healthy, thriving, productive workplaces

Please contact your account manager for consultation today. Dawn, An or Misty can be reached at 828-252-5725 or by email at, or

EAN provides consultation to help problem solve how to approach and manage some of the challenging employee behavioral issues that managers and human resources face. We can provide assistance on how to establish policy and procedures that will assist your organization in establishing and utilizing the resources that will most help your workforce thrive.

At EAN, we understand that trauma is self-defined and that eventually all workplaces are impacted by loss, threats, and physical harm. Our goal is to help employees process, understand and move forward after traumatic experiences. Our well-trained and experienced clinical team will work with you to develop a plan for the most helpful approach to assist your employees with moving forward after a traumatic event.  

For more information or to schedule a response, please contact us at 828-252-5725. Even when our office is closed, you can reach our Emergency On-Call Counselor by listening for the prompts when you call us.

EAN provides a wide assortment of training topics to help managers and employees communicate, work, and process in ways that help us all thrive. We can provide on site training that is designed to be one hour or less. We also provide this training by live or recorded/on-demand webinars and have shorter “bite sized” webinars to fit into any schedule.

Contact us here to schedule a training or webinar.

See a listing of our Training Topics .

Supplemental Materials

EAN provides materials to help promote our services to employees and managers. To have hard copies of these items sent to your workplace, call us at 828-252-5725 or email us.

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